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Information Rebate

Rebate / Cash back) for clients trading with TRB brokers up to $8 / Lot

What is a rebate?

Rebate is a rebate from currency trading or speculation for a trader’s currency. Will be refunded after the transaction has been completed And according to the terms of the broker (TRB broker does not limit the amount of orders placed) by calculating the return will be calculated from the number of lots (Lot), the amount of rebates The return depends on the number of orders that the trader is trading. Traders must also consider the risk every time an order is opened.

The “rebate” that is returned is the money the trader paid to the broker when placing the order. In the form of spread or commission Opening a new account to receive this rebate is another option to help reduce the cost of traders.

Rebate payment terms

1.Rebate calculations will calculate orders that are open for every order with no time limit for carrying orders.
2.Rebate calculations must be made from deposits only. (Tracing from bonuses or credits will not calculate rebates)
3.The automatic rebate of the system And not limited to nationalities or nationalities, can accept all rebates
4.Trading CFDs (Stocks, commodities, equity-indices, energies), the rebate rate is lower than the Forex trajectory (because the contract size is different from Forex).

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