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Rebate Account

Deposit No Minimum Spread (Variable) Floating Commission 17 $ / Lot Receive Rebate Up to 8 $ / Lot/Lot

ECN none rebate Account

Open a minimum port of 10,000 USD. Spread (Variable) Floating Commission 5 $ / Lot Receive No Rebate Rebate

Trading conditions

Operational policy

TRB (Trading Rebate Broker) We are Feed Trading Agents from many Liquidity Providers (LP) in order to get the best Bid Ask price (which every trader or client wants). Every position of buying and selling is in accordance with the market mechanism. Normal sales that do not rely on market gaps Or trick to make profits in the wrong market Funds will be covered by the collateral TRB has guaranteed for all clients. JCZ GLOBAL RESERVE. LTD (JCZ), a company that guarantees British funds. With a registered fund of 300 million pounds, up to 6 million euros per trading account

TRB allows all trading strategies to generate profits for customers and every purchase contract that occurs. TRB feeds directly from Liquidity Provider (LP) with experience in the market. Trading strategies That relies on the market gap Or trick to make profits in the wrong market There is a possibility that it is not authorized by the Liquidity Provider (LP), therefore, notifying customers that

** Trading conditions that TRB does not recommend to avoid And if there is an investigation and found that the client has violated various conditions Accounts and funds There is a possibility that Liquidity Provider (LP) will suspend the client’s trading account and will not allow withdrawals such as

Offense of trading promotion conditions As per the details attached during that promotion

Buying and selling from CFD price gaps that are not normally traded

Trading with bit rate bonus etc.


For TRB Spread is a floating variable spread. We will make the spread as narrow as possible. Price feed straight to the Liquidity Provider (LP) Liquidity providers from many LPs will receive a feed. Real time prices combined to get the best Bid and Ask prices for our customers. Spreads will be calculated only when the position is fully opened. And this spread will change according to the spread price of Liquidity Provider (LP)

For the static spread there Clients will have higher costs than floating variable spread. Often, many Forex brokers with fixed spread will limit trading during important news announcements. Which makes your insurance useless for TRB, not limited to trading During important news announcements About trading announced


Margin is a security deposit used to cover credit risk during trading hours. Margin is displayed as a percentage of the position size of purchases for TRB Margincall 120%, Stop Out 50%


Leverage allows customers to open positions, buy, sell more than the amount of money in the account. Leverage amount is displayed as a ratio for TRB Leverage clients up to 1: 200.

Overnight Interest Swap

Position that is open overnight will incur overnight interest. Swap for open positions at 00:00 of the time on the platform. For details about interest Please refer to the details in the Market Watch. Specification For use on the MT4 platform in the case of currencies, the amount of money that will be charged or received will depend on the open position held (such as long or short). On other instruments, including CFD, clients can check Details at Market Watch. Usability function Specification For use on the MT4 platform

Trading period

Trading hours start from 00:01 to 22:59 GMT + 2 for standard time. However, trading periods for precious metals, crude oil and indices are different. Please refer to the Product Specification on the platform for trading hours.