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Who is Trb ?

TRB (Trading Rebates Broker) Chinese Brokers We believe that the People’s Republic of China is a leader in technology innovation, including business leaders. And will be a financial power in the near future Our head office is located at the leading leading Crowdfunding in Hong Kong.

With new business concepts The goal is to make every customer make a profit. Sell ​​on the exchange market for clients. TRB (Trading Rebates Broker) will receive cash back commissions from every contract purchase, as a direct rebate of up to $8/ Lot. Targeting investors and traders around the world. To gain access to trading that can generate profits for Until it is extremely watched

TRBH International Limited responds to investment growth in Asia and around the world. We merge with TRB to become a leading broker to sell feeds from many Liquidity Providers (LP) in order to get the best Bid Ask price, including over 300+ financial instruments in various types of assets such as Forex, Indices, Commodities. , Metal sponsors respond to the demand for buying and selling of all groups of customers.

Legal: This website is operated by TRBHInternational Limited
Trading Rebate Broker is the TRBHInternational Limited , Room 2204,299QRC, 287-299 Queen’s Rond,Central

TRBHInternational Limited was incorporated on 05-JUN-2020 as a Private company limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. It’s company registration number is: 2949329.

Brokers from this great power Be safe Able to check the transparency of order entry Until receiving the trust from various investment institutions Which is supported by JCZ GLOBAL RESERVE. LTD (JCZ), a company that guarantees British capital With a registered fund of 300 million pounds and will also create confidence for customers by insurance up to 6 million euros per port.